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Tips for making phone calls that you don’t want to make.

Tips for making phone calls that you don’t want to make.

Every Wednesday is Tip Day.
This Wednesday: Tips for making phone calls that you don’t want to make.

We’ve all had the experience of having to make phone calls that we dread making.
Here are some tips to get yourself through these calls as painlessly as possible:

The night before, make a list of the calls to be made, along with names, phone numbers, and any other necessary information.

If you’re making some kind of pitch or argument, rehearse in your mind what you want to say. Have an outline to make sure you hit the important points once the call begins.

If you want to set up appointments, have some convenient times in mind.

As soon as you get to your desk in the morning, pick up the phone and start dialing. No procrastinating, or you may never begin.

Stand up while you talk.

Smile and use a friendly tone.

If you have more than one call to make, don’t hang up the phone when the first call is over. Keep the phone at your ear and use your finger to disconnect the call.

Don’t let yourself be hungry, hot, cold, or in need of a bathroom when you’re calling.

Keep good records on when you called, whether you left a message or spoke to someone, and what was said.

If you leave a message, repeat your name and phone number twice, and also leave an email address as an alternative communication route. Keep your message as brief as possible. No chit-chat on voice-mail!

If you have bad news for someone, don’t shilly-shally with small talk.

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