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How April Fool’s day can be a source of happiness.

How April Fool’s day can be a source of happiness.

I played a great April Fool’s day trick on the Big Girl (the Little Girl is still too little to understand the idea of “tricks”). Last night, I put a bowl of Cheerios and milk in the freezer, and this morning, I presented it to the Big Girl with a spoon.

I watched as she tried to dig in, then stopped in puzzlement.

“April Fool’s!” I yelled.

She really got a kick out of it. She took the bowl into the Big Man to show him. Then twenty minutes later, she played a trick on me, by telling me the wrong time so I started racing around, worried that we were going to be late for school. She was thrilled by the morning's tricks.

But last night, already tucked into bed when I realized that I’d forgotten to prepare the bowl and freeze it, I was tempted to drop the whole idea.

Then all my resolutions started neon-flashing in my brain: Take time for projects, Spread family cheer, Cultivate family traditions, and “Laugh out loud.”

So I reluctantly got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. This morning, I was so happy that I’d taken the time to set up the joke.

That’s why I think that my Resolutions Chart works so well. Because I review my resolutions constantly, to give myself a star or X mark, my resolutions are highly “accessible” in my brain. They float through my mind many times a day – and that helps keep me on track. (If you’d like to see my Resolutions Chart, look in the left-hand column for how to get a copy.)

Because the fact is, life is more fun when I take the time to do silly things, like play an April Fool’s trick. Little kids really enjoy that kind of thing. And so do I.

Now, what would be a great trick to play on the Big Girl next year? All ideas welcome.

A fantastic site with a huge amount of helpful, interesting information is 43 Folders.

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