An Incomplete List Of Things To Do Daily, To Be Happy and Healthy.

Every Wednesday is List Day or Tip Day.

I've just started trying to come up with a list of the bare minimum of things we should do every day to be happy and healthy.

This list doesn't include major challenges, like "Quit smoking." Obviously, quitting smoking is very important for health, but it's not easy to add to a to-do list. This list doesn't include items like "Spend less time on the internet" or "Read more" because they aren't universal enough. This list also doesn't include items related to attitude: gratitude, cheerfulness, and the like. These are very concrete, very essential things to do as part of the everyday routine.

Here's what I've come up with so far...
Wear your seat belt
Take prescriptions medications properly
Go for a ten-minute walk (preferably outside)
Put your keys and wallet away in the same place
Take something with you (for instance, drop your dirty socks in the hamper on your way from your bedroom to the kitchen)
Charge your phone
Connect with someone close to you
Go to bed in time to get a good night’s sleep

As less crucial, but also highly advisable...
Make your bed
Kiss every member of your family
Sign the organ donor registry or tell your family you’d want to be a donor

What else would you add? I know I'm missing many items.

* I love looking at the beautiful images on House of Brinson.

* Keep your fingers crossed for me: The Happiness Project has been on Canada's bestseller list for 51 weeks. One more week, and it will be an entire year! I love Canada! The paperback came out later in the United States, so for that list, the book needs to hang on until March 1. But wherever you are in the world, if you're curious about the book, you can...
Order your copy.
Read sample chapters.
Watch the one-minute book video.
Listen to a sample of the audiobook.

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