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Alas! The Happiness Project Toolbox Is Shutting Down.

Alas! The Happiness Project Toolbox Is Shutting Down.

I'm very sorry to say that I'm retiring the Happiness Project Toolbox. It was so much fun to create and run--but the web changes very fast, and the Toolbox is several years old now, and very creaky. It needs a major overhaul, and when I looked at what changes should be made, I realized that the whole thing should be revamped. And just to keep it running reliably, as is, would be enormously demanding, in terms of both time and money.

I know many of you have used it, so I've hesitated a long time before deciding to end it. But it's time. Alas! I apologize for any inconvenience that arises for you.

The last day will be November 30, 2012, so if you want to make copies of any of your entries, you have until the end of the month.

There are lessons from happiness here. My resolutions such as Abandon a project and Enjoy the fun of failure are meant to remind me that if I want the time and mental energy to experiment and create, I have to allow myself to end projects, fail at projects, and abandon projects. I find this very, very difficult. Sheesh, I have trouble not finishing a bad book once I've started it.



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