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Would You Rather Be 10 Minutes Late or 10 Minutes Early?

Would You Rather Be 10 Minutes Late or 10 Minutes Early?

Would you rather be ten minutes late, or ten minutes early?

I asked this question on my Facebook Page, and found the answers fascinating.

I would much prefer to be ten minutes early--and in fact, I usually am. My husband is the same way, which is a major contributor to the harmony of our relationship. What time to leave for the airport is a marriage question that's more important than you might think.

How about you?

Sidenote: People who tend to be early often feel that people who are late are being passive-aggressive or disrespectful, but people who are late protest that this isn't the case, at all. How do you weigh in on this question? (If you're always late, here are 7 tips to help you arrive on time.)

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