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21 Day Project — Know Myself Better

21 Day Project — Know Myself Better

It’s surprisingly hard to know ourselves. It’s easy to be distracted by the way we wish we were, or think we ought to be, or by what others think we should be, until we lose sight of what’s actually true. For this project, I’ve created a program that shares the twenty-one best ideas, resolutions, and tips that will help you to gain insight into yourself, including:


  • The five fateful questions
  • Why identifying your “patron saints” can be a useful exercise
  • How to avoid the trap of false choices
  • Identifying your “broken windows”

In just twenty-one days, I believe, it really is possible to take many small, concrete steps to make your life happier. And don’t worry. None of these proposed resolutions will take much time or energy—because no one has much time or energy to spare.

Each 21 Day Project is $4.99, and delivers a new email from me, every day for three weeks, with ideas and suggestions for you to explore in your own life.


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