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A Lagniappe For You (That Is, a Bonus Gift for You).

A Lagniappe For You (That Is, a Bonus Gift for You).

I have many pet words, such as winkle, chirk, and mellifluous, and one of my favorites is lagniappe: something given as a bonus or extra gift. That's the extra doughnut in the baker's dozen, or the prize in the Cracker Jack's, or the tote bag you get for coming to an event.

Now I've prepared a lagniappe for you.

The paperback of Happier at Home is coming out in a few weeks. If you pre-order, I'll send you a nifty Tips Sheet of  "9 Extremely Quick and Easy Steps to Become Happier at Home." "Quick and easy," meaning, steps you can take in the next ten minutes, and that take almost no extra time, energy, or money.

You can pre-order the book here, and you can sign up to get the Tips Sheet here.

To keep this process quick and easy, you don't have to submit any proof of purchase. I'm doing this on the honor system.  So be honest! Also, if you've already pre-ordered, and now you'd like to get the Tips Sheet, go ahead and sign up.

For most of us, it's a lot easier to be happy when we feel happier at home, and sometimes very small changes can make a big difference.

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