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Why This Scene from Game of Thrones Made Me Happy

Why This Scene from Game of Thrones Made Me Happy

I'm a big fan of (A) Game of Thrones -- the books (I've read them all twice) and the TV show. And, of course, the Coldplay musical.

Of everything I've ever written, the phrase, "The days are long, but the years are short" from The Happiness Project is probably the line that has resonated most with people.

I even made a one-minute video about it.


Because I'm such a fan of Game of Thrones, I was thrilled when my older daughter said, "Hey, you have to see this conversation between Jaime and Cersei." She showed me the scene on YouTube.


When Cersei tells Jaime, "You should be the Hand of the King" -- he replies, "Their days are too long, their lives are too short."

Love it!

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