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Need Some Good Gift Ideas? Here Are Some of My Favorites.

Need Some Good Gift Ideas? Here Are Some of My Favorites.

The holiday season approaches, and if you're like me, you're trying to come up with some good gift ideas. I thought it might be useful if I'd share some of the best gifts I've given—and received.

Book weight: If you work with books, get a book weight. My husband Jamie bought me one of these years ago. I had no idea something like this even existed; now I use it almost every day and also have a second one for travel.

Electric waffle-maker: I use mine every day to make my beloved chaffles ("cheese waffle")! If you want to hear more about why I love chaffles, listen to episode 241 of the Happier podcast.

Tackle Box: The Tackle Box is filled with five sticky pads to help you stay organized and tackle your daily tasks. The tin box includes “To Do” and “To Day” lists to check off your tasks, a “Ta-Da” list to celebrate your accomplishments, a “Could Do” list to keep your options open, and a “To Doodle” pad to let your creativity flow. (Note: my product.*)

Bandolier phone strap: Elizabeth and I both swear by our Bandoliers. I'm constantly telling people they should buy one. As discussed in episode 193, I use it every day, to keep track of my phone.

Colored felt-tip markers: Because of my love for color, I decided, "Why should I write in the usual, boring, black and blue ink?" So I bought myself this set of Paper Mate felt-tip pens, and I love using the different colors.

Space heater: This modest little device makes me so much happier. My office is freezing cold in the winter, and this space heater is small but mighty.

"Four Tendencies" mug: Give a gift to someone to celebrate their Tendency! I use my Upholder mug with pride. Elizabeth makes a point of using her Obliger mug whenever we're recording a podcast together, so I can see her drinking out of it. (Note: my product.*)

Slightly Foxed magazine: I love this British quarterly—a great gift for bookish people who are looking for books to discover.

“Gift of Podcast” certificate: "Give" someone a podcast by filling out this certificate—a perfect last-minute stocking-stuffer.

Rainbow Twirler Spinner: A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave these to Eliza and Eleanor, and I think they're very charming and well-made, plus inexpensive.

LEDGLE Book Light Neck Reading Lamp: Jamie uses this light, which you hang around your neck, every night. He says it works much better than a book-clip light, and you can use it in any situation where you need more light, hands-free.

One-Sentence Journal: Satisfying yet manageable, the One-Sentence Journal is designed for those who yearn to keep a record of their lives, but who can’t manage to write a long entry every day. We tend to overestimate what can be done in the short term, and underestimate what can be done in the long term, a little at a time. (Note: my product.*)

Rare Beauty sets: I'm honored to serve on the Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, and I also love the Rare Beauty Products, so I was thrilled to receive the "Lip Soufflé Duo," which makes a perfect gift for my daughter Eliza, and "Selena's Faves Mini Set," which I know that my daughter Eleanor will love.

KRUPS Egg Cooker: I've given this terrific little item to everyone in my family.

*For gifts from The Happiness Project shop, get 15% off all orders with code FAVORITE15.

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What are some of your favorite gifts that you've given and received?

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