What Do You Plan to Read Tomorrow?–Apparently It’s the Biggest Reading Day of the Year?

reading while traveling in a plane

According to a study commissioned by the huge bookseller Barnes & Noble, Thanksgiving Eve–which this year falls tomorrow, on Wednesday, November 22–is the busiest reading day of the year.

It’s a very popular (and therefore stressful) travel day, and many people turn to books and periodicals to make traveling more pleasant.

My family usually celebrates Thanksgiving in New York City, so I don’t have any travel-related reading time.

In general, though, I love to read on airplanes. I made a rule for myself: when I’m in transit, I don’t work; I read for pleasure. This rule means that I get much more reading done, plus I enjoy traveling much more.

I can’t read during car trips, however — I get car-sick. Can you read while riding in a car?

If you’re traveling tomorrow, do you plan to do some reading? What book or periodical are you taking?




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