Power Money Fame Sex

A User's Guide

Power Money Fame Sex is a self-help satire that exposes the techniques exploited by strivers—a guide that describes what actually works, rather than what ought to work. Ruthless, subversive, and entertaining, it dissects these strategies and illustrates them with rules, tips, and quizzes. Of course, it’s up to the reader to decide whether to use or abuse the tactics detailed here.

Lurking beneath this blunt advice is a piercing social critique—why we would choose to become a self-promoter, a bully, or a spendthrift.

Power Money Fame Sex book cover

Interview with Gretchen

Power Money Fame Sex is social commentary in the guise of a how-to manual. My aim was to couch real analysis in an accessible format.

The how-to format has always seemed inherently funny to me—it’s funny that someone would write a book explaining How to Win Friends and Influence People. And a user’s guide lends itself to engaging formats. 

I also highlight books that inspired me as I wrote this. 

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