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Podcast 163: Have a Weekly Phone Date, Why Dogs Make Great Accountability Partners, and How a Simple Sticker Can Boost Happiness.


Update: Elizabeth is still hard at work on the pilot, The Fix. If you want to hear more about that process, Elizabeth and Sarah talk about it in depth on Happier in Hollywood.

My book Outer Order, Inner Calm will hit the shelves in March 2019 -- just in time for anyone who likes to do spring cleaning. What a joy it has been to work on this little book.

Try This at Home: Have a weekly phone date.

Happiness Hack: Identify the problem -- in this case, two devices look exactly alike, so no one knows who owns what. Solution? Stickers! Problem solved.

If you want to see the sticker that Eleanor chose for my AirPods, to distinguish them from Jamie's AirPods, I've included the photo here.

Before & After Story: Janis explained how getting a dog allowed her to start walking regularly. Dogs make great accountability partners for exercise -- they're enthusiastic, don't care about the weather (well, some dogs care about the weather, but others don't), and aren't interested in excuses.

The article I mention is "Dog owners walk 22 minutes more per day. And yes, it counts as exercise."

Listener Question: Christopher asks, "What are some ways to deal with a particularly stressful period at work -- like Elizabeth during pilot season?" We want your ideas and suggestions! If you've figured out some great hacks, please let us know. This is such a common challenge.

Gretchen's Demerit: By now in my life, I should know better: Put on sunscreen.

Elizabeth's Gold Star: Elizabeth gives her husband Adam a gold star for picking up so much work while she's working on the pilot.


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