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Podcast 173: Know Your Purpose, the Challenge of Working with a Close Friend, and How Do You Take Notes While Listening to a Podcast?


Try This at Home: Ask, "What's my purpose?"

Happiness Hack: We're not giving a hack this week -- we're asking for your hacks!

We’ve received many emails from listeners who say that while they’re listening to the Happier podcast, they hear ideas and tips that they want to remember, but they’re someplace where it’s not easy to make a note – like if they’re listening in the car. How do you take notes?

Interview/Happiness Stumbling Block: Our guests are Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. They’re co-hosts and producers for the terrific podcast The Nod which The New Yorker magazine called “a playful and serious podcast about blackness.” It’s an exploration of the many dimensions of black culture.

Brittany and Eric have been close friends since they met in college, at Howard University. After college, for fun, they started an independent podcast together called For Colored Nerds; now they work together co-hosting and producing on Gimlet Media's The Nod.

A big part of why their show is so terrific is that they have such great chemistry because they know each other so well. We talk to Eric and Brittany about their reflections on what, for many people, is a potential happiness stumbling block – but also has the possibility to be a huge happiness triumph: working with a close friend. They've made it work: how?

Eric's Try This at Home: Have a discretionary fund, where you set aside some money to buy something just because you want it.

Brittany's Try This at Home: If you're a morning person, and you want to spend more time with your sweetheart, think about setting aside the early morning hours.

Gretchen's Demerit: I haven't been using my gym membership.
Elizabeth's Gold Star: Elizabeth gives me a gold star for re-recording Happier at Home, so it's read by me. The new audio-book will be published July 17.


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