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Podcast 200: A Big Milestone! We Asked Our Listeners to Ask Us Anything.


Unbelievable! This is our 200th episode—without a break! Zoikes.

To mark this milestone, we told our listeners to Ask Us Anything.

Before we jumped in, Elizabeth reminded everyone that my book The Happiness Project Tenth Anniversary Edition is out now, and makes a great gift. What a nice sister.

Here are the questions we tackle:

Do we ever fight?

Did we both always know that we wanted to pursue our careers?

Does it bother me that people pronounce the name "Eleanor" in different ways, and does it bother Eleanor?

How did we meet our husbands?

How much does Elizabeth's type 1 diabetes affect her daily life?

How do I take notes when I read?

Do we have any advice about switching careers? I mention the book The Creative Lawyer by Michael Melcher.

Do we use day planners? I mention the Better Than Before Day-by-Day Journal and The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal.

How many people are involved in creating the podcast?

How did we both become such avid readers? I recommend the Horrible Histories books. They're gruesome, but my daughters loved them. And they are historically accurate.

Elizabeth's Demerit: She didn't go on any long walks with our father when she was in Kansas City for Thanksgiving (this is a common family activity).

Gretchen's Demerit: I give a gold star for Elizabeth for being such a good sport about her travels to and from Kansas City. Flight delays and a snowstorm made it a challenge.


Join the conversation. I do a weekly live show on Facebook called: “Ask Gretchen Rubin Live.” You can check the schedule.

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