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Podcast 218: Invest in Your Identities, One Solution for the “Evil Donut-Bringer,” and Listeners’ Suggestions About Dealing with Chemotherapy.


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Try This at Home: Invest in your identities—with your time, money, energy, and relationships. We get out of things what we put into them.

I mention my episode of "A Little Happier" about my identity as a reader.

Happiness Hack: This hack tackles the familiar problem of the evil donut-bringer in the workplace. As a new boss, this listener made the rule that people could bring sweets to the office, but they had to keep them at their own desks. She reports: No one has brought sweets yet!

Listener Answers: Listeners gave many thoughtful, helpful suggestions about how to help someone go through chemotherapy—a question raised by a listener in episode 214. Chemotherapy is a real challenge, so it was terrific to hear so many concrete ideas about how to help.

One listener mentioned using the site Bonfire to order t-shirts or hoodies that express support.

Elizabeth's Demerit: Repeat demerit! Elizabeth didn't make a plan for their family spring break.

Gretchen's Gold Star: The Open Culture website is a terrific source for all kinds of free materials. A true treasure trove.


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