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Podcast 326: Write a Tastes Timeline, More Wisdom from Teachers, a Hack for Getting Better Service, and Question about Obliger-Rebellion


Try This at Home: Write a Tastes Timeline.

In our continuing series of unconventional, easy, and whimsical ways to keep journals: write a Tastes Timeline of memorable tastes from your past.

Happiness Hack: Instead of holding for customer service, use the chat function or send an email.

Deep Dive: Learn even more wisdom from teachers! In episode 324, we discussed many "proverbs of the professions" from teachers. In this conversation we go even deeper. Some teachers disagreed with some of the proverbs mentioned; some teachers had new ones to add.

If you'd like the free PDF listing all the terrific proverbs from teachers, click here.

Listener Question: An Obliger listener asks for ideas for warding off impending Obliger-rebellion. This is an enormously important question! Please send your insights, observations, and examples.

Don't know if you're an Obliger, Upholder, Questioner, or Rebel? Take the free, quick quiz here. More than 3.2 million people have taken the quiz.

Elizabeth's Demerit: She's been working out of a hotel room for weeks, and has many weeks to go. Even though her writing partner Sarah ordered a second mini-fridge and advised Elizabeth to get one too, Elizabeth couldn't be bothered—and now she really wishes she had one.

Gretchen's Gold Star: Gold star for libraries—especially as we head into summer.


  • In episode 324, we celebrated the wisdom of teachers with some “Proverbs of the Professions.” Thank you to everyone who wrote in with proverbs! I created a free PDF with all of the great insights collected. To download, visit
  • If you’re giving one of my books for graduation (or for any reason, or you want one for yourself), request a signed bookplate to personalize the gift. Click here to fill out the request form. U. S. and Canada only (sorry, mailing costs).

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