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A Little Happier: It’s Good to Be an Adult.


You know how you have certain physical habits, certain turns of phrase, certain patterns that you’re not even aware of, but the people around you notice?

My daughters Eliza and Eleanor just pointed one of these out to me.

I didn’t realize that I often do this, but they pointed out to me that I often remark, “That’s why it’s good to be an adult.”

“You say that all the time!” they told me. And I really didn’t realize that. They laughed at the fact that I had no idea I said it. But as I repeated the words, they sure felt familiar. I knew they were right.

“That sounds so obnoxious, like I’m gloating,” I said.

“No,” my daughter Eleanor explained. “It’s more like, don’t worry, this is something you won’t have to deal with later. It’s temporary.”

Eliza added, “A lot of adults say, ‘Just wait, you think you have a lot to deal with now in high school or college, but just wait until you’re out in the world. Then you’ll really have a lot to deal with.' They make adulthood sound like a drag. You make it sound fun.”

Well, I have to say, I do believe that. It’s good to be an adult. And when adult life gets complicated, it’s helpful to remember all the benefits that come with it.

It has its drawbacks, to be sure, but in general, it’s good to be an adult.

Agree, disagree?

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It's good to be an adult.
Gretchen Rubin

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