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A Little Happier: Three Words for Success–“No Matter What.”


A few months ago, I attended "Werk It," a podcasting conference in L.A., and I attended a panel where the brilliant Anna Sale, who is the host of the excellent podcast "Death, Sex & Money," interviewed Niecy Nash, an American comedian and actor. Who is hilarious.

The subject of the show was “Life in our 20s,” and Anna Sale asked Niecy Nash about the struggles she’d faced in her 20s, as she was trying to make it in Hollywood. At that time, she was already married with three young children, so she had a lot of responsibilities that made the usual challenge of establishing an acting career even harder.

Niecy Nash explained that she made a career in Hollywood by promising herself that she’d do whatever it took to succeed, “No matter what.

In just three words, she managed to sum up all of the drive and dedication that allowed her to fulfill her Plan A.

Quote From the Podcast

There were three words that I began to live by, "No matter what."
Niecy Nash

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