Podcast 125: Plan a Virtual Move, a Deep-Dive for College-Bound Students, and an Easy Cure for Splinters.


Update: A listener planned not just a Power Hour, not just a Power Day, but an entire Power Week.

Try This at Home: Plan a virtual move.

Happiness Hack: To get rid of a splinter, coat the skin with glue, then peel it off. I've also heard that duct tape works, too.

Deep Dive -- Advice About a College-Bound Child: In episode 122, I asked listeners for advice as I help Eliza go off to college in the fall. Listeners gave so many great suggestions -- covering everything from what to pack, to how often to call, to how to build new family traditions.

Here are the posts I mention from the Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things blog:


Gretchen's Demerit: On Happier in Hollywood, Elizabeth and Sarah talked about how we all need a good professional photograph of ourselves. And although I know perfectly well that I need additional photographs for my redesigned website, I haven't done anything about it.

Elizabeth's Gold Star: Elizabeth gives herself a gold star for driving to Legoland and back. (As I write about in Happier at Home, Elizabeth and I share a real dislike of driving.)

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