Podcast 115: Boost Your Energy and a Deep Dive into Loneliness.

Try This at Home

Boost your energy. As I describe in my book The Happiness Project, when I did my own happiness project, I made January the month of “energy,” because when we have more energy, everything is easier. Some long-term energy solutions: get enough sleep, get some exercise. Some quick energy fixes: doing ten jumping jacks, listening to upbeat music (try our Happier 911 list on Spotify), tackle a nagging task, listen to a high-energy podcast, have a mantra. 

Happiness Hack

Our listener Elizabeth suggests that during times of romantic heartache, listen to music in foreign languages, so the lyrics of love songs won’t affect your mood.

Deep Dive into Loneliness

We got such a big response to our Very Special Episode 110, about loneliness, that we wanted to go deeper into the subject. People had such thoughtful responses. 


I give myself a demerit for not staying up late at a bar.

Gold Star

Elizabeth gives a gold star to Adam’s aunt, who hosts an annual Easter party.




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