Podcast 117: Are You a “Revealer” or a “Concealer,” Write a Haiku, and How Introverted Parents Can Manage an Extroverted Child.

Happiness Hack

Katy suggests, “YouTube it.”  YouTube videos explain how to do just about anything. 

Try This at Home

Write a haiku. A haiku is a form of three-line Japanese poem with one five-syllable line; one seven-syllable line; one five-syllable line. Here are my two haiku:

Where did the time go?
My girl is off to college.
Days are long; years, short.

I express this idea in a different form in my one-minute video “The Years Are Short.”

Central Park in bloom.
This year, I made sure to go.
Spring passes too fast.

Elizabeth’s haiku:

Nerves are a-flutter Happier in Hollywood... What will it become?

Post your haiku on Twitter! Tag it as #happierhaiku so we can all enjoy them. 

Know Yourself Better

Harriet suggests asking, “Are you a ‘revealer’ or a ‘concealer?‘” I write about this distinction in Better Than Before — for some people, announcing a habit change makes it easier to follow through, while for other people, it makes it tougher. If you don’t know your Tendency, take the quiz here to see if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel

Listener Question

Cara asks, “How do we as introverted parents deal with our very extroverted child?” This question brings up the issue of the extroversion/introversion difference, which we discuss with Susan Cain in episode 107


Yet again, I “snapped” — this time, I made a snappy comment to my husband Jamie while we were planning the summer.

Gold Star

Elizabeth gives a gold star to the Amazon TV show Mozart in the Jungle




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