Podcast 138: Always Leave Some Extra Room in the Suitcase, the Stress of Giving a Toast, and the Joy of Seeing a Color for the First Time.

Try This at Home

Always leave some extra room in the suitcase. Literally and figuratively. In my book Happier at Home, I write about how much I love my empty shelf. If you want to see that empty shelf, watch here at minute 6:45.

Happiness Hack

Stephanie suggests using The New York Times product-review website The Wirecutter when deciding what to buy. Stephanie is a Questioner, and she relies on The Wirecutter when she feels herself falling into analysis-paralysis. If you want to take the Quiz to tell you whether you’re a Questioner like Stephanie, or an Upholder like me, an Obliger like Elizabeth, or a Rebel like Chris Guillebeau of “Side Hustle School,” it’s here. Or to learn even more, buy The Four Tendencies book. 

Happiness Stumbling Block

For many people, having to make a toast — like a wedding toast — is a big happiness stumbling block.
Some toast-making tips: prepare in advance; don’t drink too much; remember that the toast is meant to celebrate someone else; for a wedding toast, talk about both members of a couple; and just do give a toast, even if it’s short and simple.

Listener Question

Maya asks, “If I don’t want to be my office’s evil donut-bringer, what else might I bring to share with my co-workers?” Some ideas: a fun, unusual drink like Fresca or LaCroix; boxes of coffee-to-go from Starbucks; a puzzle; a set of word magnets; festive holiday decorations. 

Elizabeth’s Demerit

Elizabeth isn’t using her home treadmill, because the TV in that room is broken. We talk about the Strategy of Pairing, which I discuss in Better Than Before, my book about habit change. 

Gretchen’s Gold Star

I’m obsessed with the subject of color, and I love watching the videos that show people putting on Enchroma glasses that allow them to see true color for the first time; these glasses correct for red-green color-blindness. Imagine seeing a new color as an adult! To see a mash-up of these videos, watch this fascinating CNBC clip.

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