Podcast 271: Make Lists to Make Memories, a Way to Make Zoom Meetings More Fun, and a Discussion about Meditation with Dan Harris of 10% Happier.

Try This at Home

Make a list to make memories.

In our bonus episode about coping with COVID-19, we talked about why you might want to keep a journal during this historic time.

Our listener suggested keeping a journal by keeping lists, such as a list of “Buzzwords,” “Things I’m grateful for,” and “Things I’m grieving.” Other ideas include: “Favorite healthy treats;” “Items of clothing you wore;” “TV shows you binge-watched;” “New activities;” or “Foods you ate all the time.”

Also funny to consider—”Items that sold out,” such as yeast, hair dye, toilet paper, phones, puzzles, hand sanitizer and soap, fitness equipment, lounge wear, laptops, printers, and webcams.

I mention the board game Ticket to Ride. Elizabeth mentions Pop-a-Shot

Happiness Hack

Wear a costume for Zoom. Whimsy!


Dan Harris.

Dan is co-anchor of the weekend edition of Good Morning America on ABC, he’s a New York Times bestselling author of books such as 10% Happier and Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, he’s the host of the terrific 10% Happier podcast, and he’s the founder of the meditation app Ten Percent Happier.

We’ve talked to Dan before, way back in episode 19, but we wanted to have him return to talk about meditation, because so many people are meditating, returning to meditation, or taking up meditation for the first time, as part of their response to the pandemic.

You can check out the daily meditation hosted by Dan here.

Dan is an Upholder, no surprise to me. (Want to know if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Take the free, quick quiz here.)

Dan’s Try This at Home: Try the “loving-kindness” form of meditation.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star: Elizabeth gives a big gold star to Suzanne, her beloved friend from childhood who recently died after a long illness. Elizabeth recalled the time when, in high school, Suzanne stayed up all night to type Elizabeth’s paper.


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