Podcast 339: Why It’s More Helpful to Ask for Help than to Show Anger, a Listener Struggles with a Talkative Co-Worker, and What Textures Do You Enjoy Most?


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We play a clip of one of our favorite sounds from summer in Kansas City: the cicadas.

Try This at Home 

If you need help, show your need, not your anger.

Happiness Hack

Order balloons in the shape of champagne bottles to make a celebration more special.

Know Yourself Better

When it comes to texture, what do you enjoy most? Are there ways to incorporate that texture into your life?

Here’s Elizabeth’s tattered, beloved Blankee: 

Here’s the greywacke Sarcophagus of Harkhebit that I mention.

Listener Question

A listener finds it hard to work because a co-worker keeps talking to her. Listeners, we need your suggestions!

Gretchen’s Demerit

I started my Album of Now but got stuck in the middle. I knew better; I should’ve started and pushed through to the end in one day.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Elizabeth gives a gold star to our mother for making her gorgeous wedding scrapbook.


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What we’re reading

Elizabeth: Ladyparts by Deborah Copaken (AmazonBookshop)

Gretchen: The Waves by Virginia Woolf (AmazonBookshop) and Open House: Of Family, Friends, Food, Piano Lessons, and the Search for a Room of My Own by Patricia J Williams (AmazonBookshop)




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