359: We Reveal Our “22 in 2022” Lists! Plus an Easy Way to Ship Items More Securely.


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Try This at Home

Make your “22 for 22” list.

Anything is useful that prompts us to reflect on our lives, and what changes we might undertake to make ourselves happier, healthier, more productive, or more creative.

That prompt could be a date (like January 1 or a birthday), an event (like a medical diagnosis or a job change), or a new idea (like an idea from a book or someone’s comment).

We love to explore different approaches to making change–as yearly challenge (#Rest22in22), the one-word theme, and the “22 for 2022” list.

ELIZABETH:  One-word theme for the year: STEP

  1. Get a Season 3 for Fantasy Island
  2. Hold a premiere party for Season 2 of Fantasy Island
  3. Get the shingles vaccine
  4. Take a family trip to San Francisco
  5. Celebrate Adam’s milestone birthday in July
  6. Get her treadmill serviced
  7. Take a family trip to DisneyWorld
  8. With Adam, finish writing their will (carry-over from her “21 in 21” list)
  9. Buy a new arm for her microphone
  10. Get a colonoscopy – Elizabeth mentions the Satellite Sisters
  11. Go to the Electric Lake in Puerto Rico 
  12. Organize a moms’ trip to see a comedian at Morongo – we mention the TV show Hacks
  13. Walk from Encino to Malibu (carry-over)
  14. Buy new outdoor furniture
  15. Get another dog (!) – listeners, how big is the jump from living with one dog to two dogs?
  16. Visit the Capri Room at Buca di Beppo in Encino
  17. Go to the Integratron (carry-over) sound bath
  18. Host a moms’ party in her backyard
  19. Read 22 novels
  20. Walk Nacho five times each week
  21. Send Christmas cards this year
  22. Arrange for professional family photos, with Nacho

Elizabeth's 22 in 2022 list

Gretchen: One-word theme for the year: SALT

  1. Sign up for more sensory adventures by myself and with family and friends
  2. Clean up my office
  3. Encourage Eleanor to clear out her room – she’s an abundance-lover
  4. Catch up on my physical photo albums
  5. Buy a big backpack for traveling
  6. Create more products – here, take a look at the products already created
  7. Invite my high-school friends to my apartment
  8. Take a trip with Eleanor
  9. Delegate 22 things
  10. Have a summer of re-reading
  11. Figure out if it’s possible to have better soundproofing for my office
  12. Hang pictures
  13. Wear make-up every day – I mention the Vital 9 – and we mention our “month of wearing clothes
  14. Take a daily nap, schedule permitting – #Rest22in22
  15. Do a daily reading “review” (carry-over)
  16. Have a scents party (carry-over)
  17. Take a watercolor class
  18. Be more systematic about connecting with friends and colleagues (carry-over)
  19. Review my giant “happiness” catch-all document (carry-over)
  20. Keep going to the Met every day
  21. Ask for permission to badger: Mom with decorations, Elizabeth with night snacking, Eleanor with driver’s license
  22. Add one item!

Gretchen holding up her 22 in 2022 list

We love to see people’s lists, so if you’re so inclined, post your list to #22for22. We can get good ideas and encouragement for each other.

Happiness Hack

When sealing a box, use the “H-tape method”: put one piece of tape across all open seams. The tape will make an H-shape across the box’s top and bottom of the box (hence the name “H-tape method.”) Don’t keep adding more tape: more tape makes the box more likely to snag on the conveyor belt.

Demerits & Gold Stars

Gretchen’s Demerit: I’m skipping emails that take time to review, instead of just tackling them right away. I’m reminding myself: “The stewing is worse than the doing.”

Elizabeth’s Gold Star: Elizabeth gives a gold star to people who organize group gifts. You’re appreciated!


  • To join the free New Year SMS Challenge: text NEWYEAR (one word) to +1 (844) 934-1913.
  • If you’re working on your habits in the new year, check out my bestselling book Better Than Before about the 21 strategies we can use to make or break our habits. Order your copy here.

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