366: Seventh Anniversary! Our Favorite Try-This-at-Home Ideas, Happiness Hacks & Highlights


February 25 marks the seventh anniversary of the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast! Thank you, listeners! We so appreciate your enthusiasm and support. We’ve had more than 220 million downloads — which is astonishing (and a number that’s very appropriate for 2022). To celebrate, here’s a discount code for 20% off products and merchandise (excluding home goods and gift cards) in the shop7YEARSOFHAPPIER.  

The Happiness Project product collection

Click here to sign up to get each week’s show notes by email. Not only will you never miss an episode, but you’ll get access to other exclusive content. Elizabeth and I have something fun planned for next week’s email as a special treat for subscribers. Every year, we celebrate our anniversary with a round-up of our favorite moments. 

Our favorite Try This at Home ideas


  • Make a yearly lists. In episode 359, we revealed our “22 for 22” lists, and in episode 356, we looked back on our “21 for 21” lists, to see how we did. A listener described using Memento Keepsake Journal for keepsakes related to a “22 for 22” list.

Memento keepsake journal


  • Choose a one-word theme for 2022. In episode 358, we talked about our choices for 2022: Salt (Gretchen) and Step (Elizabeth).
  • Join the yearly challenge. We loved #Walk20in20 and #Read21in21 so much that we decided to do another challenge: #Rest22in22, which we unveiled in episode 357.

This year, we particularly enjoyed

  • Observe the “Calendar of Catalysts” in episode 364
  • Give yourself a “derby name” in episode 362 – Elizabeth is “Lightning Lizzie” and I’m “The Arrow”
  • Keep a list in the way that’s right for you, in episode 346 – we mention the Tackle Box
  • Give yourself a prop to hold, in episode 331
  • Write a Tastes Timeline, in episode 326
  • Celebrate “Twos-Day” on 2/22/2022, in episode 361

Happiness Hacks

  • Happiness lessons from teachers in episodes 324 and 326
  • Organize trinkets by putting them in glass or acrylic jars, from episode 323 – I mention my book Outer Order, Inner Calm
  • Beat morning grogginess by listening to melodic music, from episode 316
  • Try these strategies to to resisting over-buying, from episode 355
  • In episode 353, we discuss the “Happier Gift Guide” for gifts to help people get happier

Some big milestones

Favorite moments

  • Elizabeth got a dog, and then another dog!
  • I talked about passing out on live TV in episode 327
  • We so enjoyed our bonus episodes: talking to Sarah Fain about her move to Ojai (for more on this ongoing theme, listen to the Happier in Hollywood podcast), Elizabeth talking about Fantasy Island, our discussion of Mad Men
  • We love our Happier Book Club episodes, such as our discussion with Michelle Zauner about Crying in H Mart (AmazonBookshop) and with Kate Bowler about No Cure for Being Human (AmazonBookshop) — Kate Bowler’s new book is Good Enough (AmazonBookshop)

Gretchen and Elizabeth’s Gold Star

We give a big gold star to all you listeners for listening and engaging – and another gold star for those who have taken the time to rate, review, and follow. Thank you! In honor of our seventh anniversary, please email or text the link to the show to seven friends, coworkers, or family members. We so appreciate it. For instructions on how to rate, review, and follow a podcast, click here. 


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What we’re reading

  • Elizabeth: Nothing! She’s working all the time these days.
  • Gretchen: Nothing Personal, text by James Baldwin, photographs by Richard Avedon (AmazonBookshop)

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