390: Very Special Episode: Tips, Hacks, and Resources for a #HappierLaborDay

Every tenth episode is a Very Special Episode, and this very special episode is about way to become happier in our work lives.

As we’ve done for the last several years, we’re reminding people to use the upcoming American holiday of Labor Day as a catalyst to think about their work life, however you define work. Celebrate #HappierLaborDay! To make work life happier, we spent this Very Special Episode discussing tips, hacks, and resources for being happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative at work.

From Gretchen:

Xebec Tri-monitor

  • Have a set of wired headphones as well as wireless: they never need to be charged, and sometimes wired works better for Zoom, etc.
  • Get a backpack big enough easily to fit everything you need.
  • Consider the Bandolier, of course!

Gretchen wearing her bandolier

Join the “Work Happier” free 7-day SMS challenge. Text WORKHAPPIER (one word) to +1 (844) 934-1913.This has been the most popular SMS challenge to date.

From Elizabeth:

  • Get a treadmill desk. Elizabeth has the LifeSpan TR 1200 DT.
  • Along with your wired headphones, get a dongle to attach them to your smartphone.
  • To slow down your response time on a Zoom call, mute yourself, minimize the screen, and pull up another document.


  • Use the Apple pencil.
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique
  • Get a desktop container on a spinning base.
  • Turn off your laptop when you’re finished for the day, pack it in its case, and put it in the closet until the next morning.
  • Take a series of complete days without any devices.
  • Make lists.
  • Do the hardest things first.
  • Have well-defined, productive routines for the morning and evening.
  • Mark cords whenever you acquire a new item that has a removable cord.
  • Start a Brag File, where you note every compliment, thank-you note, positive review, etc.


  • Productivity Jump-Start: Whatever productivity means for you, you’ll find that this month’s content in the Happier app will help you cultivate more of it, with practical tips, spin-the-wheel challenges, and know yourself better prompts — all related to productivity. Head to happiercast.com/productivity to learn more.
  • In episode 324, we celebrated the wisdom of teachers with some “Proverbs of the Professions.” I’ve created a handy, free PDF with a collection of great insights from teachers. Download here or share with a teacher in your life.

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