380: Very Special Episode! Ask Us Anything

Every tenth episode is a Very Special Episode, and this very special episode is an “Ask Us Anything.”

I mention the Don’t Break the Chain Habit Tracker as a possible Father’s Day gift. Learn more here. I also mention the Happier app, for people who like to use an app to track their habits.

don't break the chain habit tracker

Ask Us Anything

  • How does Gretchen choose what to read? I mention the terrific podcast Backlisted.
  • Has Elizabeth finished making her will yet?
  • Does Gretchen eat the fatty part of bacon?
  • The world is so full of suffering, injustice, hardship, and strife—what can we do to manage our responses? I mention the organization Bottom Line.
  • Can podcasts charge more money for advertising if they have a bigger audience?
  • Would Elizabeth and Gretchen ever write a book in the style used by Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey in The Office BFFs (AmazonBookshop), where two writers take turns writing sections in their own voice? Elizabeth mentions the two novels that she wrote with Sarah Fain: Bass Ackwards and Belly Up (Amazon) and Footfree and Fancyloose (Amazon).
  • Did you two enjoy recording More Happier sleep-inducing episode, or was it a challenge to speak so softly and slowly?
  • What was the career path of our mother?
  • For Elizabeth, was Season Two of Fantasy Island more or less challenging than Season One?
  • How much time does Gretchen spend at the Met during her daily visits?
  • What’s the difference among the different levels of TV producers?


  • Father’s Day is June 20. If a father (or father figure) in your life might enjoy a book for Father’s Day, might I suggest my short, unconventional biography, Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill? Judging from the emails I receive in the weeks following Father’s Day each year, I’ve concluded that many people give it as a Father’s Day gift. Click here for more book details.
  • An easy way to make every day happier is to subscribe to my free “Moment of Happiness” newsletter. Five days a week, I share a quotation related to happiness or good habits. Visit happiercast.com/preferences and select “Daily Happiness Quotation.”

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