More Happier: Trying To Fall Asleep? Listen to This Quiet Talk About Roles on a TV Set

Today, as promised in the last episode of More Happier, we’re providing a soporific episode, with a slow, quiet, yet interesting conversation to help you fall asleep.

We wanted to have a mildly interesting conversation to help occupy listeners’ minds and send them drift off to sleep.

So Elizabeth and I discuss many roles necessary for the making of a TV show: Show-runner, director, line producer, production accountant, post-production supervisor, and many more.

(Did you notice how our theme music was slowed down, to be more sleep-inducing? And could you tell how hard we had to work to speak slowly and softly?)

Spotlight on a Tool

If you want help jump-starting your habit of rest—which might include getting more sleep—sign up for my Rest Jump-Start collection: a free 7-day SMS challenge, a PDF to help you track your energy levels, and suggestions for how to use the Happier app to get better rest. 


Samuel Pepys is most famous for the diary he kept from 1660-1669. In this entry, from Monday, September 23, 1661, when he reflects on a night he spent during a trip:

…and [I] still remember it that of all the nights that ever I slept in my life I never did pass a night with more epicurism of sleep; there being now and then a noise of people stirring that waked me, and then it was a very rainy night, and then I was a little weary, that what between waking and sleeping again, one after another, I never had so much content in all my life, and so my wife says it was with her.

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