377: A Month of Compliments, an Easy Fridge Hack, and Relatives Who Ask Questions During TV Shows

I mention the Iceland Writers Retreat, which took me to beautiful Iceland.

We’d love to hear recommendations of your favorite beach reads—mysteries, thrillers, page-turning fiction, whatever you find most compelling. I’m hoping to make a list of suggested titles to share. Also, send us your questions for our upcoming “Ask Us Anything” Very Special Episode 380. 

Try This at Home

Observe Complimentary May—the opposite of our complaint-free April (and also more fun and easier, we expect). We mention Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, a framework which we discussed at length in Very Special Episode 80. Elizabeth and I are both “Words of Affirmation.” 

Happiness Hack

In Happier in Hollywood episode 254, Elizabeth and Sarah talked about the convenience of using a Lazy Susan, and I spotted a Lazy Susan in my friend’s refrigerator—a great solution to a crowded fridge. 

Know Yourself Better

Which historical site or natural wonder has made the greatest impression on you?

Listener Question

A listener asks what to do about her family’s annoying habit of scrolling through their phones while they’re watching movies together. I mention the Apple TV+ show Severance, which I love. 

Demerits & Gold Stars

  • Elizabeth’s Demerit: She hasn’t been sending family “updates.”
  • Gretchen’s Gold Star: I give a gold star to my old friends from grade school; after a few postponements, we finally managed to get together for a wonderful weekend in New York City.


  • Speaking of summer reading—if you want to read more but struggle to make time for it, I’ve created a set of tools and strategies as a Reading Jump-Start for your reading routine.
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What we’re reading

  • Elizabeth: Nothing! She’s been too busy.
  • Gretchen: Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey Through Autism by Dawn Prince-Hughes (AmazonBookshop)




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