Very Special Episode: Dozens of Hacks for Getting Regular Exercise

Very Special Episode: Hacks for Getting Regular Exercise

A listener asked for a Very Special Episode about exercise, because while she was an enthusiastic and regular exerciser, many of her favorite people weren’t.

First: Is exercise truly important if we want to live happier, healthier lives? Yes! Overwhelming research shows that people who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed onset of dementia. They get relief from anxiety and mild depression. They perform better at work. Exercise is linked to happier moods overall.

Also, although it’s tempting to flop down on the couch when we’re feeling exhausted, exercise is actually a great way to boost energy levels. Feeling tired is a reason to exercise, not a reason to skip exercise.

In our discussion, we talk about our own personal hacks for getting regular exercise (we’re both natural couch potatoes) as well as dozens of hacks from listeners. Along the way, we mention…


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