More Happier: Deciding How to Answer a Tough Question, a Great Snack, Plans for 2023, and More

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: Hard-boiled eggs are making her happier! I mention my beloved KRUPS Egg-Cooker.

Happier in Action

If you know you’re going to face a tough question, prepare your answer in advance. 

Spotlight on a Tool

If you’re writing your “23 for 23” list, you can download a nicely designed page here.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

Is it gross to taste baby food?


You increase your self-respect when you feel you’ve done everything you ought to have done, and if there is nothing else to enjoy, there remains that chief of pleasures, the feeling of being pleased with oneself. A man gets an immense amount of satisfaction from the knowledge of having done good work and of having made the best use of his day, and when I am in this state I find that I thoroughly enjoy my rest and even the mildest forms of recreation.
 Eugene Delacroix, Journal




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