More Happier: Time Is Speeding Up, a Tool for Memories, and an Unusual Know-Yourself-Better Question

If you want to listen to our special sleep-inducing episode of More Happier, it’s here.

It’s a thrill and an honor that the Happier app has been nominated for two Webby awards, which are given for excellence on the internet. The Happier app is nominated twice in the “Apps and Software” category—for “Best Visual Design-Function” and “Best User Interface.

Not only that, in addition to those awards given by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, we’re also eligible for the “Webby Awards People’s Voice,” which is voted on by the online public.

If you’re inclined, I’d be so grateful if you’d take a moment to vote. It’s quick and easy. Gold star, and thank you.

Something Making Us More Happier

  • Elizabeth: Being able to leave Jack alone in the house.
  • Gretchen: Elizabeth reminding me that I could recharge my laptop ring light, when I assumed it was broken. Here’s the light I use.


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I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

Weirdly, overnight, my perception of time sped up.

Spotlight on a Tool

The Memento Keepsake Journal is a great tool for organizing and preserving mementos — and it also makes a terrific gift.

I just realized that I could use the stickers from my new John Derian Sticker Book on its pages.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

Inspired by the Netflix TV show Is It Cake?Elizabeth poses the question: What kind of cake are you?


Alexandra drew her shawl closer about her and stood leaning against the frame of the mill, looking at the stars which glittered so keenly through the frosty autumn air. She always loved to watch them, to think of their vastness and distance, and of their ordered march. It fortified her to reflect upon the great operations of nature, and when she thought of the law that lay behind them, she felt a sense of personal security….She had never known before how much the country meant to her. The chirping of the insects down in the long grass had been like the sweetest music. She felt as if her heart were hiding down there, somewhere, with the quail and the plover and all the little wild things that crooned or buzzed in the sun.

—Willa Cather, O Pioneers! (AmazonBookshop)

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