Podcast 58: Special Guest Host, Eliza! Plus, Find an Area of Refuge, the Pressure of Birthdays, and How to Get Up Earlier.

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.


Elizabeth is still in New York City, but her schedule is so crazed, as she’s shooting the pilot, that my seventeen-year-old daughter Eliza stepped in as a guest host.

Eliza was a guest on Episode 30, and she also has her own podcast, the very interesting Eliza Starting at 16, about the world from a teenager’s perspective. (She does the whole thing herself! Which I find very impressive.)

To make things even more complicated, we had to record on a weekend, and our studio is moving to a different location, so Henry had to a) work on a Sunday and b) record in my apartment. Double gold star for that.

Last week, a listener asked a question about how to solve the problem of “The Chair,” where not-dirty, not-clean clothes pile up. The overwhelming answer from listeners? Use hooks.

Try This at Home

Find your “area of refuge.” Here’s the photo of the sign I saw at Yale Law School.

area of refuge sign

What’s your area of refuge? I have to say, Eliza’s area of refuge — watching make-up videos — wouldn’t work for me. But re-reading children’s literature doesn’t work for Eliza. We’re all different.

Happiness Stumbling Block

Eliza felt a lot of Facebook pressure related to her recent 17th birthday.

Listener Question

“I’m an Obliger, single, who is struggling to get up earlier. Suggestions?”

Gretchen’s Demerit

For one day, I forgot about the importance of sunscreen. Note to self: sunscreen is very important.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Perhaps surprisingly, Eliza gives a gold star to her school’s college counseling office. She now feels much better about the college application process.





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