Habits for Happiness Quiz: What's the next new habit that will make you happier?


Why take this quiz?

Because I study happiness, people often say to me, “Tell me where to start. What’s the best new habit to help me become happier?”

But there can be no one-size-fits-all answer, because we’re all different. 

So, to help you answer this question, I’ve designed this “Habits for Happiness” quiz. In just eight questions, it will help you identify the new habit that will provide the biggest boost to your happiness.

This answer will be tailored to you. Your individualized result will…

  • Explain the research about why that aim is likely to make you happier
  • Offer know-yourself-better questions to help you set yourself up for success
  • Provide a few notes of caution
  • Suggest further resources to explore

If you’re like many people, you’re eager to work on more than one area, and so you may struggle to decide where to focus your time, energy, and money. This quiz will give you a starting place.

A few notes: 

Be honest! Don’t answer the way you think you “should” answer. This quiz is useful only if you’re honest with yourself. 

Sometimes, when we consider our aims for ourselves, we don’t admit what we really want: it feels scary or daunting to confront our own desires. For that reason, these questions ask what you would “magically” do. That way, you’re free to think about what you really want, without considerations of difficulty or practicality.

You’ll be asked the same question multiple times. Don’t worry, that’s deliberate.