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Make mindful choices related to saving and investing money

To be happier, consider a habit that will help you make mindful choices related to saving and investing money.

Why this aim is likely to make you happier

We often hear that “Money can’t buy happiness,” and while it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, money can buy things that contribute mightily to happiness. We can use money to put our values out in the world and invest in experiences and possessions that enrich our lives.

By making mindful choices about how we save and invest, we can focus our resources on what’s most important to us.

Aims you might consider

Set up a savings goal for an investment in your future-self—a trip, a gear upgrade, a house, training—and track your progress toward that goal

Review your automatic payments every month—are there any regular expenses you can automate? Any paid subscriptions that you no longer use?

Set up an automatic monthly donation to a trusted organization that furthers a cause you believe in

Take a financial literacy or investing course

Know Yourself Better

Self-knowledge is an essential aspect of happiness, because we can create a happy life only on the foundation of our own nature, our own values, and our own interests. 

As you consider ways to make mindful choices related to saving and investing money​​, ask yourself:

  • Write your own money manifesto or rules for how you’d like to use your money.
  • As you think about the future, what’s more valuable to you: saving time, energy, or money?
  • What sounds more appealing: a peaceful future or an exciting future?

A few notes of caution…

  • Be aware of any unhelpful loopholes you may employ when thinking about money. The Tomorrow Loophole (“I’ll start investing later”) and the Fake Self-Actualization Loophole (“Life is too short for me to take the time to track how much money I spend on lattes each month”) are common examples.