“Better Than Before” Hits the Bestseller Lists! I’m So Happy

Photo of Better Than Before on a Hudson News stand.

Hooray! Better Than Before is an instant bestseller. In fact, it’s an international bestseller!

Of course, I had to take a photo when I actually saw it in a bookstore for the first time.

It appears on the…

-New York Times bestseller list

-Wall Street Journal bestseller list

-Indie bestseller list

-Globe & Mail bestseller list (Canada)

-Sunday Times bestseller list (London)

-“Best Books of the Month” in iBooks

-“Best Books of the Month” in Australian iBooks

Writing is a lot of work; it’s my favorite kind of work, and I would write even if no one read what I wrote, but it’s extraordinarily gratifying to see the book strike a chord with so many people. Thank you, readers, as always, for your support and enthusiasm. It’s thrilling to have the book out in the world at last.



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