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Podcast 187: Plan a Short Trip, How to Find a Misplaced Object, and an Interview with Bradley Tusk.


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Try This at Home: Plan a short trip.

Happiness Hack: If you're looking for a misplaced object, look very closely where you think it ought to be. Surprisingly often, it was there all along.

Interview: We talk to Bradley Tusk: he's the CEO and founder of Tusk Ventures, the first venture capital fund dedicated to working with and investing in startups in regulated industries. In his career, he’s worked with startups like Uber and Lemonade. In previous incarnations, Bradley was Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager in New York City, and Deputy Governor of Illinois.

His podcast is Firewall. If you want to hear Bradley's interview with my elusive husband Jamie, it's here.

His new memoir is The Fixer: My Adventures Saving Startups from Death by Politics.

As we discuss, Bradley is a Rebel. Don't know if you're an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Take the free quiz here.

Bradley's two try-this-at-home tips are to make the bed (an idea I write about in The Happiness Project) and to take the time to straighten up (an idea I write about in Outer Order, Inner Calm).

Gretchen's Demerit: I want to use the advanced features on Instagram more consistently. This is on my "18 for 2018" list, and I really want to do a better job.

Elizabeth's Gold Star: Elizabeth gives herself a gold star for managing to stay calm about the fact that she was going to have to join Jack and Adam on Saturday, instead of Friday, for the class glamping trip. (How L.A. is a "class glamping trip?")


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Quote From the Podcast

I feel more comfortable doing 12 different things at once than one thing at once.
Bradley Tusk