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Podcast 129: September Is the Other January, the Fun of Post-It Notes, and What “They” Think.


Update: I’m excited because my new book, The Four Tendencies, hits the shelves in just 34 days. So close, and yet so far!

Elizabeth and I are considering planning a meet-up with listeners and readers on Sunday, September 17, around 6:00 p.m. Would you be interested in coming? What would be a good neighborhood or spot? Weigh in on the Better app, under Events -- that makes it much easier to coordinate responses. We're trying to figure out if this would be a good idea. If you're already a member of the app, click here to go directly to the event to RSVP.

Pre-orders give a big boost to a book, so to thank readers who pre-order, I worked with a terrific production team to create a series of videos about the Four Tendencies. After the book goes on sale, I’ll charge for these videos, but until then, you can get access to them for free if you pre-order. Find all the info here. There’s an overview video, then subject videos on using the Four Tendencies at work, with spouses and sweethearts, with children and students, and in health-care settings.

Try This at Home: Remember that September is the other January. In my book Happier at Home, I describe my happiness project that stretched from September to May -- a school year, which is another kind of year for me.

September, for many people, marks a fresh start and a new beginning, so it's good to think about changes to make with this clean slate.

Elizabeth vows to start grilling -- not expecting Adam to grill, but to grill herself. I'm planning to start "Weekly Adventures" with Eleanor.

In my book Better Than Before, I talk about using the "Strategy of the Clean Slate" as a way to harness new beginnings to help yourself make important changes. The clean slate is a powerful catalyst for me.

Happiness Hack: I love an office-supplies hack! Elizabeth ordered personalized post-it notes -- easy, inexpensive, and seem special -- specifically for "Happier in Hollywood" for her and Sarah to use. She ordered hers from Post a photo of your personalized post-it notes on #happier2017 on Instagram, and tag us @lizcraft and @gretchenrubin.

Happiness Stumbling Block: What will "they" think?

Here's the video I mention, of the twelve-minute talk that I gave about drift, and here's the quiz "Are you drifting?"

Gretchen’s Demerit: I'm a dedicated hair twister, and I've been twisting my hair more than usual.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star: Elizabeth's young son Jack participated enthusiastically on a hike. Elizabeth's fantasy is to do family hikes on the weekend -- so now her fantasy self and real self are colliding, thanks to Jack.

Free Resources:

  1. To get the pre-order bonus, you can find info here, or at You’ll get the overview video as well as subject videos on using the Four Tendencies at work, with spouses and sweethearts, with children and students, and in health-care settings.  Free now; after the book comes out, there will be a charge for the video series.
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