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Podcast 15: Be a Tourist at Home, a Talk with Tom Rath, Office Supplies, and the Habit of Repeating Questions.


It’s Wednesday– time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

We're very happy (of course) this week, because we hit several milestones.

First, we hit one million downloads, after just a few months! Incredible. We're thrilled. Thank you listeners.

Not only that, we hit #4 on iTunes yesterday. Our highest ever. Yowza.

Another milestone, the podcast was featured in a BuzzFeed list 10 Life-Changing Thing to Try in June. That's right, folks, we're life-changing.

Yet another milestone:  we did our very first interview. We've planned to do interviews all along, and finally, we're underway.

This week:

Update: I report on whether I managed to keep my "hostess neurosis" under control during my daughter's birthday party. (In episode 14, I promised to try to avoid that fate.)

Try This at Home: Be a tourist in your own city.

Interview:  bestselling author Tom Rath.  His new book just hit the shelves: Are You Fully Charged? The Three Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life. (Spoiler alert: the three keys are meaning, interactions, and energy.) If you want more, Tom and I interviewed each other here. Tom mentions the work of professor Teresa Amabile.

Listener Question: "How can I break my habit of snoozing the day away, and show up for myself as readily as I show up for others?" Go here if you want to read more about being an "Obliger."

Elizabeth’s Demerit: Elizabeth asks her husband Adam the same question repeatedly, in hopes of getting the answer she wants.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: I confess my passion for clear plastic envelopes. It's the little things!

Coming up: To celebrate our 20th episode, we're going to do an episode that features our listeners. So call, email, post your response by June 24, 2015, to one of these questions:

-- if you could change one aspect of a relationship, what would you change? Huge, trivial, any relationship.

-- what happiness demerit would you give yourself? what gold star would you bestow?

Email: [email protected] Twitter: @gretchenrubin and @elizabethcraft. Call: (774 HAPPY 336).  Facebook Page. Or comment right here.


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