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Podcast 95: Practice Mise-En-Place, Pack a Canvas Tote Bag, and the Tragedy of the Messy Commons.


It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

To start the new year in a happier way, we're doing a fun project on Instagram. Every day, for the month of January, Elizabeth and I will post a photo on Instagram of something that makes us happier (by giving us a boost, helping us stick to good habits, reminding us to feel grateful, etc.).  Join in! Use the hashtag #Happier2017 and tag us -- I'm @gretchenrubin and Elizabeth is @lizcraft.

Want the Spotify list of Happier 911 songs that I mention? It's here.

Holidays are approaching! Want a Happier t-shirt? Email us if you want to get one. Or if you want to buy one of my books, journals, calendar, mug, etc., look here.

Try This at Home: Practice mise-en-place.  In cooking, cooks "put everything in its place" -- the idea is to get all your tools and supplies together, so that once you start working, you can work easily and well. Preparation is a true stage of working.

As I mention, if you'd like some personalized, signed bookplates or signature cards for your copies of my books, e-books, or audio-books, you can sign up here (U.S. and Canada only, sorry; mailing costs).

Happiness Hack: Pack a canvas tote bag in your suitcase.

Happiness Stumbling Block: The tragedy of the messy commons -- or, the problem of shared work. We mention the Four Tendencies; if you want to find out if you're an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel, look here.

Listener Question: A while back, we asked for suggestions for wedding readings, and I collected them into a single document, which you can get when you click the button below.

Click here to get the Wedding Readings PDF now

Along the same lines, Sylvia asked for suggestion for funeral readings -- such a great idea. I'll make a collection of funeral readings, too. So please send in your suggestions. I'm sure it will be very helpful for people to have this resource, during a difficult time.

Demerit: Elizabeth forgot to check the school schedule before picking a date for her son Jack's birthday.

Gold Star: I get half a gold star -- a better-late-than-never gold star -- for finally getting the flu vaccine for my daughters and me.

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