Podcast 26: Pick a One-Word Theme for the Year, Take the First Step — and Paper or Digital Calendar?

Try This at Home

Pick a one-word theme for the year — the school year, that is. For Elizabeth and me, September is the other New Year. If you’re interested in this subject, I write more about it in Happier at Home.

Call us to let us know what one-word theme (or short phrase) you choose. It’s so interesting to hear what people pick.

Better Than Before Habits Strategy

The Strategy of First Steps. Practically always, the best time to begin is now. We need to resist “tomorrow logic,” which is the fantasy that everything will be easier–tomorrow.

Important note, in this episode, I misspoke, because I casually said that it would be tough to start a new habit when you were in the middle of moving — actually, that’s a great time to start a new habit, because of the Strategy of the Clean Slate. Stay tuned to hear more about that!

Listener Questioner

“I’m an anxious procrastinator…how do you get started when you’re terrified?”

Elizabeth’s Demerit

Elizabeth isn’t doing the very simple steps that would clear up her blepharitis.

Gretchen’s Gold Star

I give a gold star to my mother, for giving me my beloved Filofax. Here it is — plus my binders of archived calendar page stretching back many, many years. Very fun to have this record.

Gretchen's filo fax





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