Podcast 340: Very Special Episode! Ask Us Anything

Every tenth episode is a Very Special Episode.

This episode: Ask Us Anything!

Thanks, listeners, for sending in such great questions. We discuss…

  • how we prepare a podcast episode, as well as some challenges and surprises that we’ve faced. I mention my Podcast Manifesto.
  • the significance of the upside down “A” in the logo for Fantasy Island
  • which “happiness hack” has impacted us most—I mention the one-minute rule; Elizabeth mentions giving warm hellos and good-byes
  • in what ways are we similar and unlike our parents 
  • how we make it easier to do important and necessary tasks that just aren’t fun to do
  • how Elizabeth got into TV writing—if you want to learn more about her Hollywood career, listen to Happier in Hollywood.
  • how Elizabeth earned her “Sister the Sage” moniker
  • whether I ever read bestsellers
  • how we come back from a setback or disappointment—listen to episode 327 if you want to hear me tell the story of how I recently passed out on live TV
  • in planning episodes of Happier in Hollywoodwhether Elizabeth and her co-host Sarah Fain focus on universals, or whether workplaces are actually quite similar
  • what we remember most from each other’s weddings
  • whether I got the opportunity to gloat to the person who told me that my Happiness Project would never amount to anything (no)
  • whether we grew up in a house or apartment
  •  the best gift we ever gave each other
  • whether we plan to have our husbands Jamie and Adam as guests on the podcast
  • how we document material from books or articles we read
  • the Tendencies of the characters of one of my favorite TV shows, The Office (take the free, quick quiz here to find out your own “Tendency”—whether you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, Rebel)
    • Pam is an Obliger—note, in real life, the actor Jenna Fischer is an Upholder
    • Jim is a Questioner
    • Dwight is an Upholder, probably Angela as well
    • Stanley is a Rebel, or a Questioner who tips to Rebel
    • Creed is a Rebel
    • Michael is an Obliger
    • Oscar is a Questioner
    • Darryl is probably a Questioner


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