Document Then Destroy Bad Feelings, Ways to Train for Tough Transitions, Plus Hacks


I’m excited to hit the road for the paperback release of my book Life in Five Senses.

  •  June 6th in Atlanta, Georgia with Charis Books & More at First Baptist Church of Decatur 
  • June 7th in Dallas, Texas at Interabang Books

Get all the details here.

Try This at Home

Document, then destroy, your bad feelings. It helps dissipate negative emotions.

You can read more about this research here.

Happiness Hack

Use the Weather app in your phone to keep track of the time zones of far-flung family and friends.

Know Yourself Better

Are you a “book” person or a “tree” person?

Do you see your life as a book of chapters, where you turn the pages? Or do you see yourself more like a tree that’s rooted in one place, growing rings from a center?

Listener Answers

In episode 482, we talked about why we might choose to “Train for a tough transition.”

Listeners shared times that they’d trained for a tough transition, or how they’re planning to do so.

Demerits & Gold Stars

Time for demerits and gold stars!

Elizabeth’s Demerit: She keeps procrastinating about calling the insurance company with a question.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: I give a gold star to our parents, who always learn to use public transportation whenever they travel. 


To help you design your summer, I’ve created a new way to use the “Spin the Wheel” tool in the Happier app. For June, every spin will provide ideas to add to your summer bucket list, spark new traditions, or suggest distinct activities to make the season memorable. Download the app at and start designing your summer on June 1st.

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What We’re Reading

  • Elizabeth: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Amazon, Bookshop
  • Gretchen: Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin (Amazon, Bookshop

*Transcript coming soon*

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