More Happier: Deck the Halls! A “Clear the Decks” Episode of Quick Tasks to Get Us Ready for the Holidays


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Deck the Halls

This episode was inspired by the enthusiastic response we got to our unusual “Clear the Decks” episode 443.

Continuing on the “deck” theme, “Deck the Halls” is about getting ready for holidays.

As you listen, we ask you to pause the show to do a manageable, quick one-minute-ish, holiday-prep task. So by the time you finish listening, you will have accomplished a lot.

If you want a written version, you can get it in a fun bingo card form here.

A few notes and useful links from our discussion:

Bonus hack: Everything looks better arranged on a tray. I explore this idea more in my book Outer Order, Inner Calm. Elizabeth mentions the nesting trays in The Happiness Project Shop.

Spotlight on a Tool

We discuss the Know Yourself Better Journals: the classic version (the most popular journal in the entire shop), Know Yourself Better: Embracing Change, and Know Yourself Better: Building Connections.

We mention the Happier app.


One thing I have learnt is that, while I used to think I was making individual choices, now, looking back, I see clearly that I was following trends and general patterns of behavior which I was about as powerless to resist as a migrating bird or a salmon swimming upstream. —Claire Tomalin, A Life of My Own (Amazon)




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