More Happier: A Rare Email Triumph, the Joy of KidLit, a Good Fraud Story, and the Smell of Coffee

Something Making Us More Happier

  • Elizabeth: The “Kidlit West” reading group has started, to read works of children’s literature and young-adult literature.
  • Gretchen: I managed to get my email total under 100 (briefly).

Quality Screen Time

Elizabeth recommends shows in the category of “fraudulent cult of personality”: WeCrashedSuper Pumpedand The Dropout.

I mention the reality series Deaf U. Elizabeth mentions the podcast How I Built This.

Spotlight on a Tool

If you’re doing spring cleaning, check out my book Outer Order, Inner Calm.

Outer Order Inner Calm book on a wooden tray with offie supplies
I mention Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules (AmazonBookshop).

Unforeseen Consequences 

I used the power of the five senses to help my daughter Eleanor to feel calmer and shake off a bad mood.

I mention the Nez Du Café, a set of 36 aromas that are commonly associated with coffee, both good and bad.


The Natural History Museum is open to the public on Tuesdays and Fridays. Elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus; extraordinary animals! Rubens rendered them marvelously. I had a feeling of happiness as soon as I entered the place and the further I went the stronger it grew. I felt my whole being rise above commonplaces and trivialities and the petty worries of my daily life. What an immense variety of animals and species of different shapes and functions! 

—Journal of Eugene Delacroix (AmazonBookshop)

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