More Happier: Welcome to More Happier!

It’s the first podcast episode of More Happier…for everyone who wants to get more Happier! We’ll be doing this episode every other Saturday in 2022, in addition to the usual episodes of Happier with Gretchen Rubin and A Little Happier.

Gold star to K. J. Dell’Antonia, author of the novel The Chicken Sisters (Amazon, Bookshop) and co-host of the podcast #AmWriting, for giving us the idea for the name “More Happier.”

Something Making Us More Happier 

Elizabeth:  The Disney+ Get Back documentary about the Beatles and the making of their album Let It Be.

Gretchen: The New York Botanical Garden, and in particular, the Haupt Conservatory. I mention my book Happier at Home and the resolution to “Be a tourist in your hometown.” It was a wonderful experience, plus I made the family plan (usually Jamie makes the plans). Elizabeth mentions the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

We discuss Elizabeth’s new life philosophy that “Everyone over the age of 18 should do exactly what they want.”

Spotlight on a Tool

The Don’t Break the Chain Habit Tracker.

The pages provide structure and flexibility, with space to visualize progress in different ways, “pass” stickers if you need to take a day off, gold-star stickers to celebrate your milestones, and suggestions for ways to use this tracker effectively. 

Gold star and pass stickers from the Don't Break the Chain Journal

Learn more about this tool here.

Happiness Lesson from the Real Housewives 

Change into your pajamas and take a nap every day. Inspiration for #Rest22in22!

I mention my biography of Winston Churchill, Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill. 

Book cover of Forty Ways to look at Winston Churchill by Gretchen Rubin


It occurred to her how nice it was to live once more in a confined space which one was free to organize, with small resources, as one pleased.

–Iris Murdoch, The Bell (Amazon, Bookshop)

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