Podcast 129: September Is the Other January, the Fun of Post-It Notes, and What “They” Think.

Try This at Home

Remember that September is the other January.

In my book Happier at Home, I describe my happiness project that stretched from September to May — a school year, which is another kind of year for me. September, for many people, marks a fresh start and a new beginning, so it’s good to think about changes to make with this clean slate. Elizabeth vows to start grilling — not expecting Adam to grill, but to grill herself. I’m planning to start “Weekly Adventures” with Eleanor.

In my book Better Than Before, I talk about using the “Strategy of the Clean Slate” as a way to harness new beginnings to help yourself make important changes. The clean slate is a powerful catalyst for me.  

Happiness Hack

I love an office-supplies hack! Elizabeth ordered personalized post-it notes — easy, inexpensive, and seem special — specifically for “Happier in Hollywood” for her and Sarah to use. She ordered hers from Zazzle.com.

Post a photo of your personalized post-it notes on #happier2017 on Instagram, and tag us @lizcraft and @gretchenrubin

Happiness Stumbling Block

What will “they” think? Here’s the video I mention, of the twelve-minute talk that I gave about drift, and here’s the quiz “Are you drifting?” 

Gretchen’s Demerit

I’m a dedicated hair twister, and I’ve been twisting my hair more than usual.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Elizabeth’s young son Jack participated enthusiastically on a hike. Elizabeth’s fantasy is to do family hikes on the weekend — so now her fantasy self and real self are colliding, thanks to Jack.

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