Podcast 135: Plan a Virtual Move 2.0, Identify the Problem — and Know Any Great Examples of Celebrities’ Tendencies?

Try This at Home

Plan a “virtual move,” 2.0. In episode 125, we described one kind of virtual move; a listener wrote us to suggest a way to plan a “virtual move” that’s also a great suggestion for boosting happiness. 

Happiness Hack

Identify the problem — in my case, a recurrent annoyance with my headphones. Solution to the problem: the Yamazaki Beautes Desk Headphone Hanger. So satisfying. 

Four Tendencies Tip

An Upholder asks how to deal with the uneasiness that Upholders often feel if they make a mistake. Typically, Upholders really don’t like to fail to meet an expectation. As a fellow Upholder, I sure know the feeling.

If you want to take the Quiz to tell you whether you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger or Rebel, it’s here. Or to learn even more, buy The Four Tendencies book. 

Gretchen’s Demerit

I was defensive and a bit curt with a journalist who asked me a question I knew very well that I’d be asked: to give examples of the Tendencies of famous people. I get defensive because I don’t have a very long list — it’s hard to figure out people’s Tendencies, because we can’t judge from their behavior, we have to know how they think. If you have any great suggestions about possible match-ups of famous people (real or fictional) and their Tendencies, let me know! 

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

Elizabeth gives me a gold star, for dealing well with Eliza’s departure for college.

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