Podcast 215: Throw a Celebratory Party, Feeling So Worried about the Future that You Can’t Enjoy the Present, and the Question of Healthy Treats.

Fun! We recorded this episode together, in our executive producer Chuck Reed’s fantastic studio Sancola Sound in Los Angeles. It’s always such a treat to talk face-to-face while we record.

Chuck recording with Gretchen and Liz

Try This at Home

Throw a celebratory party, as Elizabeth did for The Fix premiere. ABC at 10 pm on Monday nights!

Happiness Hack

Our executive producer Chuck Reed suggests, “Drink your best bottle of wine first.” This reminds me of one of my Twelve Personal Commandments, to “Spend out.” 

Happiness Stumbling Block

This is a common stumbling block: being so worried about the future that you can’t enjoy the present.

Listener Question

What are some suggestions for healthy treats? This is a reference to the “Strategy of Treats” from Better Than Before, my book about habit change. For me, re-reading a favorite children’s book. Also beautiful smells—I have my “lucky” smell which is a pick-me-up. You could make a list of healthy treats an item on your “19 for 2019” list. If you’d like to read more about healthy treats, here’s a post I wrote.

Gretchen’s Demerit

I try to use “Delay Delivery” in Outlook over the weekends, so I’m not peppering people with emails, but I’m very spotty about remembering to do it.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

I insist on taking Elizabeth’s slot for a Gold Star so I can give a gold star to her, for hosting a wedding at her house. That’s a big undertaking!


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